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By taking part in Slot Car racing, each participant agrees to comply with terms and conditions during the race:

1. One race lasts 10 minutes.

2. Two participants, who wins the race, goes to the next round!

3. Participants chooses their cars by playing rock, paper, scissors with each other- who wins, chooses first.

4. Each participant can crash/fly out 3 times only, after 3rd crash/fly out, the participant is disqualified.

5. If a participant intentionally knocks another participant's car off the track, he looses his 1 of 3 allowed crashes/fly outs.

6. Intentionally hitting another car from behind, a penalty of 1 (one) second is applied to the final score. If this repeats for more than 3 times, the participant will be disqualified.

7. If participant makes 3 false starts, he/she will be disqualified.

8. If any car flies out of the track, the rest of the participants continues the race without loosing the speed.

9. Participants are not allowed to intentionally obstruct or stand in front of the track covering its visibility.

10. The marshals (if there are any in the race) are not to blame for anything, you are the one who flew out.

11. In the event of intentional damage to the car, the participant must pay a fine of EUR 50.

12. Let's do this without using any force or offending others! It's just a hobby!

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